Reusable Straws

It’s in our hands to save the planet and keep a plastic-free ocean.

Plastic’s horrific Effects

Thousands of plastic drinking straws are used each day around the world. It is estimated that there will be more plastic than fish by 2050, that sounds horrible. Plastic pollution can harm or even kill a large variety of marine animals. Many people have seen the video of a turtle having a plastic straw wedged in its noise.

turtle having a plastic straw

Conscious Living

One way to reduce the impact of plastic straws on the environment is to simply stop using plastic straws: You can use a reusable alternative to plastic. Switching to reusable straws will lower the amount of pollution in our oceans, and less pollution means less harm to the environment and marine life!

Benefits of Reusable Straws:

  1. Ease of Portability
  2. Safety & Ease of Use
  3. Easy to Clean
  4. Uniqueness & Elegance

We Have 5 Different Straw Materials:

  • Our MOQ for this standard metal colour is 50 sets. Each set contains 3 straws and 1 brush. So here we have 1 bent straw and 2 straight straws with different sizes. You can drink bubble tea with the bigger one and normal drinks with this smaller one.
  • MOQ for different metal colours is 50 PCS, and you can mix and match different sizes or shapes.
  • We can do laser logo on the straw, so it is suitable for personalised text or company logo.
  • Our stainless steel straws are made of food grade material; they are safe to use.
  • Stainless steel straws are great for traveling as they durable, you cannot possibly break them during travel.

More detail:

  • Our MOQ for silicone straws is 500 PCS per size and style.
  • Our silicone straws are made of food grade material, and straws can be branded with food safe silicone ink, the ink colours will not fade off even with hot drinks. So feel safe to have a cup of hot chocolate with our silicone straws.
  • Silicone straws are suitable for kids or those who are clumsy, like myself, who constantly drop things. Silicone straws are unbreakable, and since it is soft without sharp ends, it is ideal for any age groups.

More detail:

  • Our MOQ for bamboo straws is 2000 sets per size.
  • Each set contains 4 straws of the same size and 1 brush.
  • The base material for these straws are natural bamboo, so they are biodegradable and safe to re-use. The bamboos we use are food grade material and can be used on hot drinks as well.
  • We can do laser logos on bamboo straws.
  • Personally, I think bamboo straws are arguably the coolest reusable straws out there, they are perfect for those who fancy a simple and natural living style.

More detail:

  • Our MOQ for paper straws is 4000 sets per size.
  • Each set contains 25 PCS.
  • This kind of paper straw is for single-use. Since the material is paper, it can be decomposed naturally.
  • Our paper straws are made from strong kraft paper, so you can sip hot drink with them too!
  • Logo or design can be printed on the paper straws.
  • Paper straws are perfect for parties or any other occasions where a large quantity of straws are needed, as they are inexpensive, you don’t have to wash them afterwards and feel guilty about creating a ton of waste that cannot be decomposed naturally.

More detail:

  • Our MOQ for glass straws is 2000 sets per size and style.
  • Each set contains 4 PCS straws of the same size and 1 brush.
  • Just like other types of straw, we have a wide size selection of straight and bent straws.
  • And we have different colours, such as green, blue, yellow and grey glass straws for your choice.
  • We can do decal logos on glass straws.
  • Glass straws are not unbreakable like the other 4 types of straw, but glass is transparent, so you can see if the straws are clean easily. They are great for those who constantly forget if they have washed their straws.

More detail: