Padded Woven Patch

Here we introduce to you our new product launched in 2019. The padded woven patch can be an unique piece of accessory with an extraordinary comforting effect. Made from stuffed woven cloth, you can twist , pinch, and squeeze it in anyway you want, which can be very pressure releasing.

The shapes, colors, woven patterns and /or logos can all be customized based on your design, which makes it one of our most popular products due to its flexibility. You can, for example, make a padded appliqué based on the image of your pet dog, which lightens your mood whenever you see it after a long day of work. You can also makes more changes to this little cute charm by making it partly stuffed——what can be more heart-melting than a customized pet dog accessory with its innocent head (stuffed and therefore) emphasized?

The padded appliqués can literally be anything you want it to be as long as you use your own imagination. Apart from lucky charms, it can also serve as a zip puller( if you make it bar shaped, for example). It can even be transformed into a Japanese amulet with elegant and classic coat of arms woven on the surface! Just use your imagination and we will make your unlimited possibilities come true.