Epidemic Prevention Products

Button Badge

We accept the customized design, logo, photo, brand or special word on the personal button.

Material Tin
Shape Customized
LOGO Customized
Attachment Customized
Payment T/T / PayPal / Credit Card
Delivery 18-20 days
Sample Delivery 9-11 days
Place of origin China (Mainland)

Temperature Sticker

Non-medical supplies

Colour Black
Material PET
Size length * width 9 * 1.5cm

Epidemic Prevention Hat

Please contact us about the information.

Friendly Reminders

Protect yourself and others

  1. Wash your hands frequently with soap and at least 40~60 seconds.
  2. Remember to NOT touch your eyes, mouth and nose with your hands.
  3. Exercise more, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, and maintain joyful mood.
  4. Remember to COVER your mouth and nose when sneezing.
  5. Wear face mask when you need to go to public places.