Acrylic LED Lamp

The LED lights are laser cut and engraved in a high density acrylic board. All of our acrylic material is imported. When you open the night light, it will show 3D visual effect. The acrylic panel is inserted to the ABS base and illuminated by the LED light in the base. The acrylic LED lamp get 7 different for lighting colors. The supply battery way is USB powered. Star Lapel Pin can laser cut acrylic LED lamp to virtually any size per your design. Your logo can be UV printed on the ABS base. MOQ is only 100PCS. If you have any questions regarding any of our product range, please feel free to shoot us with emails, we would love to hear from you.

Product Application

The acrylic LED lamp is warm for night light, it doesn’t hurt the eyes, it can be used as Bedroom Night Lamp, Bedside Lamp, Living room Table Lamp, Bathroom Desk Lamp. It also can be as a cute Decoration put in Child Room, Bedroom or any other place. It’s one of the best choices for giving gifts.Like Birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, New Year gifts, Graduation gifts, Wedding gifts, Anniversary gifts and so on.

Custom Acrylic LED Lamp

Product Video