Custom Hard Enamel Pin (Cloisonne Pin)

Hard enamel pin, as known as Cloisonné, is the most traditional and ornamental material for badges that originated in China by the Ming Dynasy, as it is said the colors can be preserved for 100 years without changing.

Great Perceive Value of Hard Enamel Pin

Hard enamel pin is often considered collectibles. There simply is no higher quality lapel pin or greater perceived value than a cloisonne pin.

Cloisonne pins

The material of hard enamel pins is Copper, and colors is hand-filled with hard enamel which is made from mineral ore imported from Japan or UK and ground into powder before coloring, they have to be mixed with pure water while coloring.


After coloring, we have to fire these pins at temperature of 800 centigrade in order to molten and then cooled off at normal temperature. Usually we have to fire once after each color painted to ensure individual color will not be mixed up with another. Each lapel pin is highly polished to a brilliant luster and smoothness.

This produces a jewelry quality lapel pin with a durable construction, high level of detail and impressive appearance.

Hard enamel pin process


Custom hard enamel pin

Please advise the certain designs, logos, size, order quantity or any requirements to us then we can provide you some professional advice of the production.

These long lasting lapel pins are great for important commemorative events, including as corporate identity pins, sorority pins, event pins, convention pins, fraternity pins, anniversary pins, political pins, or significant service awards.