How to choose the patches backing? - FAQs | Star Lapel Pin - specializes in supplying highest quality of customized metal, embroidery and promotional products.

● Velcro Backing It is mainly applied for events where applications are required to eliminate immediately. As an example, a team is unnecessary to order new uniforms when switching players regularly. Although Velcro backing patches can be used and removed in a few times, they can't be washed unfortunately. ● Paper Backing Paper backing is popular both on woven patches and embroidery patches. It is usually used for covering threads and making it tidy. ● Plastic Backing It is the way to make your patches stiff and firmly. This is only accepted to be sewn on. Otherwise, the plastic will melt. ● Peel and Stick Backing Peel and Stick can be attached in many appearances and it is easily to remove without any damages. This method is appropriate for one time activities and short-term events. It is able to sew on or iron on as the back lost its stickiness. ● Non-Woven Fabric Backing This is recommended for covering messy threads especially your patches are large. If you are a quality concern, we suggest you select this for your backing. ● Iron on Backing Iron-on Backing is a strong and a lasting way to stay adhesive after many washing. Although iron on backing works well on the most of types of material, it is not recommended for large patches and some particular types of fabric. Star Lapel Pin Co., Ltd. specializes in producing highest quality of promotional gifts. Our mission is offer the superior quality products at professional service, highly competitive prices and on-time delivery. Through our manufacturing site over 64,000 square meters with 1000 experienced workers, the machinery and equipment constantly update, we guarantee that you're happy with your order-each and every time. Our materials are in line with environmental standards and meet the requirements of the European standard EN71 or low lead standards in the United States. since 1984.








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1984年以来台湾に拠点を置いています。Star Lapel Pin Co., Ltd.は販促品メーカーです。メタルギフト、カスタムチャレンジコイン、カスタムラペルピン、カスタムメダル、カスタムメタルキーホルダー、アイアンオンパッチ、ストラップ、シリコン製品、ソフトPVC製品、企業向け景品などの主な製品。

欧州規格EN71または米国の低鉛基準を満たす販促用ギフト、Star Lapelピンは金属業界で36年以上の経験があり、機械設備は常にCNCを更新して廃棄し、自動射出および自動カラーマシンなどを備えています。1000人の経験豊富な労働者がいる64,000平方メートルを超える製造現場を通じて、機械設備は常に更新されています。 、私たちはあなたがあなたの注文に満足していることを保証します-毎回。

Star Lapelピンは1984年以来、高度な技術と40年の経験の両方を備えた、高品質のプロモーションギフトを顧客に提供してきました。Star Lapelピンは、各顧客の要求が満たされていることを確認します。