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custom made polyester lanyard
Custom Polyester Lanyards
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custom woven lanyard supplier
custom custom full colors lanyard supplier
custom full colors lanyard supplier
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custom nylon lanyard Maker
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custom Short Wrist Lanyard
custom Short Wrist Lanyard Supplier

Lanyards Accessories

We provide wide variety ID badge accessories and attachments, badge reels, badge holders and ID clips.

ball chain
Metal ball chain
PVC Card Holder
PVC Card Holder
lanyard card- holder maker
Hard Plastic PVC Card Holder
Retractable Badge Reel with your LOGO
Retractable Badge Reel


Please offer the details spec. /art / photo and Q’ty to offer you our best price!

Preferred We prefer to receive art in one of the following four vector formats (in order of preference). .ai, .eps., .pdf, cdr (Vector format with fonts converted to outlines or curves and include size, quantity, and colors)

  • Adobe Illustrator (any version, convert fonts to outlines/ curves)
  • EPS (any version, convert fonts to outlines/ curves)
  • PDF (any version, convert fonts to outlines/ curves)
  • Corel Draw (any version, convert fonts to outlines/ curves)
Acceptable File formats accepted – raster art

Art received as raster art will need to be redrawn as vector art and then will be prepared for die striking. If you do provide art to us in raster format, it should be in one of the following formats(Actual size, 300dpi):

  • Adobe Photoshop (Never flatten/merge layers of a .psd)
  • JPG, TIFF, BMP, PNG, GIF, PPT, DOC (Actual size, 300dpi)
Custom Made lanyard supplier template

Custom lanyard supplier template

custom Lanyard attachments

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If you have your request in a file, then you can simply upload a file to us directly. File format (AI, PDF, CDR, EPS, JPG, TIFF, BMP, PNG, GIF, PPT, DOC)

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Star Lapel Pin Co., Ltd. is a lanyard supplier and manufacturer, custom made lanyard with printing logo will be suitable to used as premium gifts and corporate gifts. You are surely gonna love this! Personalized lanyards are widely used for sports events or big companies to make their massage more visible effectively. They can be used to hang all types of  ID cards, badges or tickets.

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