Lanyard Attachments

The most popular lanyard attachments are the bulldog clip(ATT-07), split ring, swivel hook, metal hooks(ATT-05, ATT-01), Buckle(ATT-10), Safety Buckle

bulldog clip

(Lanyard Attachments) ATT-07

Bulldog Clip with Large Opening

Lanyard with Metal Bulldog Clip is the popular style.

Most buyers like this lanyard style. Build your brand via Lanyard with Metal Bulldog Clip. Long lanyard with Metal Bulldog Clip allows for easy on/off, without damaging hair or clothing. Perfect for high-profile buildings or events such as government buildings, airports, trade shows concerts and much more.


(Lanyard Attachments) ATT-05

Metal Hook-ATT 05

ATT-05 is best for your new lanyards.

We offer variety of attachment for lanyards. The ATT-05 sizes include 1cm, 1.5cm, 2cm, 2.5cm. Over the years we have shipped over a million lanyards and still counting. Star Lapel Pin Company offer the lowest price and fast shipping. We are committed only to use the best quality material to produce custom lanyards.

metal hook Att 01

(Lanyard Attachments) ATT-01

Metal Hook-ATT 01

Promotional Lanyards

We produce custom promotional lanyard giveaways and Badge Holders. Design your own custom lanyards with ATT-01 attachments. Offering customized Lanyards for trade show giveaways.

Lanyard Attachments ATT-10

(Lanyard Attachments) ATT-10

Plastic Buckle- ATT-10

Personalised Lanyards

Whatever your lanyard, badge accessory or lanyard attachment, we have several lanyard attachments options. We carry cheap custom lanyards. Custom ID Holders for Corporate Events