A variety of customized ID card holder neck strap styles and options, right from the source

ID badge holder

Wholesale ID badge holder

Personalized ID badge holders protect and display ID name cards. Available in a variety of different colors and materials, these lanyard and card holders allow you to securely attach your ID card or name card to your clothing or to a lanyard.

  • Lanyard can be polyester, woven, tube or nylon material
  • Available badge holder can be ID card holder/ Clip ID badge holder/ Plastic badge holder/ retractable badge holder

Star Lapel Pin Company provides various personalized ID badge holders and lanyards. The custom lanyards are made from strong and high quality density material like as polyester, woven, tubular, nylon or imitation nylon. A lot of material of lanyard for your options, we can accomplish it and meet your expectation. The personalized lanyards attachments are available, such as breakaway badge lanyard, credit card holder lanyard, blank badge reels, plastic badge holders for lanyards, id card clips and holders…etc.

How to order ID badge holder?

Please provide the ID badge holder photo for reference.
Send us at service@starlapelpin.com to request for a quote with your order and tell us how many quantity you would like to order.

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