Creative Lapel Pins

Do you have designs that you feel ordinary lapel pins cannot bring out the best of them? Here are some creative pin options!

Hinged Lapel Pins

Hinge lapel pins are foldable, so they can be opened and closed easily. They ae great for expressing hidden messages or designs.

Sliding Moving Pins

Sliding Pins are up made of two or more pieces of metal parts. The upper part slides smoothly along the track, making the pin interactive. They are one of our best selling items that are related to sport, the moving function of sliding pins makes them appealing for large sport events.

Spinning Lapel Pins

Spinning pins are composed of two or more metal parts, the lower part is static. You can hide a particular design or message with a spinning pin, so the hidden design or message can only be seen when you spin the pin to a certain position.

Bobbing Head Lapel Pins

Bubble head pin is a great option when your design is a human figure. The spring connecting the upper and lower metal parts provides movement to your design, and movement helps get your logo or message noticed in a fun way.

Standing Lapel Pins

You can fold the lapel pins, so when you are not wearing the pins, you can out them on the desk as a cute decoration.

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