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Star Lapel Pin Company passed Various Social Compliance.

34 years in promotional goods

  1. We have 34 years experience in the metal industry, the machinery and equipment constantly update CNC and discard it, automatic injection and automatic color machine etc.
  2.  Over 2,000 workers to produce your orders
  3.  The ability to assemble multiple metal pieces (e.g., many layers of military products)
  4. Pass variety of authentication, quality without consideration
  5. The materials are in line with environmental standards and meet the requirements of the European standard EN71 or low lead standards in the United States
  6. Appointed quality inspection prior to each shipment
  7. Strong network: we have well – organized purchase department to help to find all of the products you need

Social Compliance

  • Green Factory

    To protect the environment, we utilize laboratory-grade wastewater treatment equipment and have passed the Green Factory Mark certification for zero wastewater discharge according to the Dongguan City Environmental Protection Bureau.

  • Environment Protection

    All materials have been tested to comply with the EU and US environmental requirements and have passed CSR certification.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

    The Essential Guide to Social Compliance

    Over the past three decades or so, we have spared no effort to foster a green corporate culture, fulfill corporate social responsibility, uphold the value of traditional craftsmanship and maintain environmental sustainability.

  • Working Environment

    Our employees are backed by a friendly working environment with comprehensive insurance.

  • Test Report

    EN 71/2/3, CE, RHS, and REACH Approved Factory