Soft pvc lapel pins
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PVC Lapel Pins

As a professional lapel pin manufacture, how come that we not providing Soft PVC type? Yes we do have this one! Not like metal lapel pins, Soft PVC Lapel Pins allow more shapes and the color by visual look is more vivid. some time it present even better than metal ones! We are in the lapel pins business area for over 34 years, we only select good material and do strictly quality control for each order. Because of insisting of doing great job, we own several famous brands like Starbucks, Disney, Universal Studio with us for their product.


You can always trust our professional technique and we promise Soft PVC Lapel Pins will expand its own value higher.

Liquefied PVC in different colors is applied by syringe into silicone molds

Flexible PVC is soft and has the feel of rubber

Each item is lightweight and will retain its shape and not distort or break

Items are available with two levels or 3D detail

Standard fitting is butterfly clutch on the back