PVC Bag Tag

Soft PVC bag tag is versatile, it can be ID badge holder, luggage tag or keychain.

Benefits of PVC tags





Customize any shapes and make them in 2D or 3D

Soft PVC bag tag is versatile, you can customize any shapes and make them in 2D or 3D. We can make the PVC backing matching your irregular shapes. Soft PVC tags can be a fun and functional accessory or they can simply fulfill a need.

What can soft PVC tags be used for?

  • Soft PVC tags can be used as name cards at schools, they are especially great for little kids, because soft PVC tags are dirt-resistant, waterproof, and they are not easy to break.
  • They can be ID cards at workplace too, they are great to replace traditional ID cards, because they are more fun and colourful.
  • Soft PVC tags can also be used as luggage tags, so it is a great way to promote your business, as they are functional, and people carry them during travel, so it is hard to miss these colourful products!
  • We offer different attachments for different purposes, such as lanyards, PVC belt, keychains, and any other attachments you prefer.
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