Cool jelly bracelets

We love Jelly Bracelets! The bracelets are not only cute but cool! If you are looking for a giveaway item as a promotional item, you really have to check out here!

  • 100% eco-friendly silicone
  • Colors can be solid/ mixed or multi sections
  • Glow in the dark color is available
  • Custom logos can be printed/ debossed or embossed/ laser engraved
  • Pretty, Cool, you got no reason to resist it!
Jelly Bracelets
Simple Black Jelly Bracelet

Jelly Bracelet is made by Silicone but the shape is made to different then striped silicone bracelet. In this way, we will recommend you bravely to use mix colors to design your product out!

In this simple way with something that you want to share on it, then the whole product will look in a never ever balance ever! We use 100% eco-friendly silicone for the product because we only provide the best for you and to your company!

Custom jelly bracelets

Custom wristbands

Quick to send us your design and company logo, the item is the one that you must try!