Floating wrist strap

Floating wristband key holder

Floating wrist strap can be an ankle band as well, either way is a stylish solution for great idea to keep your keys safe. Custom floating wrist strap logos can be silkscreen printed and the PVC loop is helping keys fixed in position, avoiding scratches caused from metal keys.

Waterproof camera float strap

Floating wrist strap made of polyester with sponge stuffed is light weight and with high buoyancy, handy bracelets a comfortable floating wrist strap that easily slips onto your wrist and carrying your camera safe during a whole day of water sports and outdoor activities.

Floating eyewear retainers

This is the ultimate performance accessory for eyewear worn for water sports such as stand up paddleboarding, kayaking, canoeing, rowing, surfing, fishing, in the pool and at the beach.  Made with improving retention during active watersport activities.