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Design your own car air freshener. We have some open design shapes for reference, such as square, oval, heart shapes, car shapes, house shapes, T-SHIRTS…

custom made car air fresheners

Automotive air fresheners can absorb smells in your favorite car to let your own space fresh and clean. The fresheners are not only use in car but also use in your refrigerator, kitchen, bathroom and storage. Available in a variety of fresh fragrances for reference like lemon, peach, strawberry, coconut, cinnamon, vanilla, new car, ocean, forest in the stock. The duration of the scent is determined by the temperature, humidity level, category of fragrance, quantity of essence, the subjective feeling of user…etc., If you want to promote your company, you can choose the Car Sir Fresheners and you can see your company logo anywhere.

How to order custom car air fresheners?

Custom car air fresheners – Specifications

Material Cellulose
Fragrance lemon, peach, strawberry, coconut, cinnamon, vanilla new car, ocean, forest.
Logo Customized
Color PMS number
Accessory Flexible cord
Delivery 18-20 days
Sample Delivery 9-11 days
Place of origin China (Mainland)

Why Star Lapel Pin custom car air fresheners?

As Asian’s largest paper air freshener manufacturers in China and with over 34 years of experience behind us, Star Lapel Pin personalised car air fresheners are sure to fit your gift-giving needs. We offer various personalised car air fresheners.

  • 24-hours customer service available.
  • BSCI-approved facory
  • Customized designs available
  • Personalised car air fresheners bulk

Custom die cut air fresheners. Please advise the artwork design or photo for reference. Star Lapel Pin Company manufacture cheap personalised car air fresheners.

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Professional wholesale car air fresheners suppliers

Life in the present. Custom air fresheners wholesale. Keep your car smelling new and your brand’s name fresh in people’s minds. Make your car smell better with our car fragrance. Keep your ride smelling good enough to give you a nose-gasm by hanging one of these face personalized car air fresheners.

The Fragrance Journey. A perfect gift for everyone. Air Freshener Manufacturer- Star Lapel Pin Company manufacturer of custom printed tree air fresheners wholesale, personalized air fresheners wedding. We offer tree theme air fresheners, wedding air fresheners and attract more attention! Create your own air freshener with our open design shapes, customized logo with full colour printing on both side. Please offer your brand LOGO or text.
Promote your brand with custom made car air fresheners. Good scents! The personalized car air freshener increase enthusiasm for promotion! 8 artworks for options, and several fragrance for long lasting scent, include lemon, peach, strawberry, coconut, cinnamon, vanilla, new car smell, ocean, and forest.

custom made air fresheners

custom car air fresheners wholesale

Create your own custom car air fresheners. Custom shaped air fresheners. Cars are great for getting you from place to place, helping people move, and giving rides to friends and family. We provide various personalized car fresheners to mask unpleasant Odors. Personalized air fresheners. We have a lots of custom die cut air fresheners you can use to keep your car smelling fresh and welcoming, and many different scents to please any nose.