Carbon Fiber Products

Carbon Fiber material is corrosion-resistant, lighter weight than aluminum and high strength. Carbon fiber has been used widely in many industries. Star Lapel Pin has also been utilizing this perfect material for souvenirs, such as medals, business cards, keychain, bottle opener and so on. These unique products are made completely out of carbon fiber, which means they not only look amazing, but they are also strong and lightweight. 

Carbon Fiber Texture

The Carbon Fiber material surface is the pattern of carbon. There are two texture on the surface, plain and twill lines. The unique carbon fiber texture offers a modern look. When looking closely, it creates a unique 3D-like effect. To showcase the special texture of carbon fiber, the artwork is recommended to be plain and simple. Silkscreen printing can also be done to the carbon fiber surface. Let us customize unique carbon fiber products that belongs to you now!