Aluminum Fridge Magnet

The special shape magnets for fridge with wonderful illustrations. High quality Aluminum soft magnets with full rubber magnet backing resulted more beautiful, potable, durable, delicate and water-proof.

Aluminum is 0.3mm thick and rubber magnets can be designated from 1~3mm. Rubber fridge magnets are very strong so they are easy to move on the surface.

They are made of the Non-Toxic pure materials. They can firmly hold through paper on a magnetic surface so essential for keeping your notes.

Custom Aluminum Fridge Magnet

Unit price shall be varied by sizes, colors and the thickness of aluminum fridge magnet. The larger sizes should be fitted with thicker magnets because of heavier weight.

2D Flat

  • Aluminum thickness is about 0.3mm thick
  • Silkscreen or offset printing are available
  • Rubber magnet is about 1~2mm thick

3D Relief

  • Aluminum thickness is about 0.5mm thick
  • Silkscreen or offset printing are available
  • 3D relief formed by pressing
  • Rubber magnet is about 2mm thick