Pen Holder Clip

1Clip it on your notebook,

file, memo, calendar

2Standard pen holder clip is

made of iron material

3Size: 36.8 x 14 x 16mm

Journal Pen Holder

4Adjustable spring expands

from 7 to 15mm

5Custom logos can be with

various types of emblems

6Available for various finishing

(gold/ nickel or matte finishing)

Spring Clip Holder

Pen Holder Clip is convenient design products for office men or student. Clip this pen holder onto the side of your handbook, notebook, or diary, you can have a place to put your pen and never losing it.

Miniclip pen holder

The spring designed gives your pen a easy slide in and out, also can expands the length from 7 up to 15mm holding various sizes of pens.

Clip-On Pen Holder

Custom made emblem attached on pen holder clip makes your notebook or diary stylish and modern. Metal pen holder clip is a perfect gift for your life.

Key Features

Custom pen holder clip
Product Pen Holder Clip
Material iron
Size 36.8 x 14 x 16mm, adjustable spring length from 7 to 15mm
Logo custom pen holder clip logo
Design Existing open design
Finishing Nickel, gold or black nickel
Fitting emblem for option
Delivery To be advised


pencil clip holder packaging
Heart pen holder clip for notebook
Cat pen holder clip packaging
Stamp pen holder clip

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As Asian’s largest awards manufacturer in China and with over 34 years of experience behind us, Star Lapel Pin custom pen holder clip is sure to fit your gift-giving needs.

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Custom Pen holder clip for notebook