Custom Metal Ice Cube

You can use metal ice cube in any drink from juice, coffee, white wine or whisky

Stainless steel reusable ice cubes
Whiskey metal ice cubes

Metal Ice Cube are 100% food-grade material and reusable. Easily store them in the freezer before you put them into your drink. They can keep liquid temperature cool longer than the ice cube and reduce the drink temperature in very short time.

Different open design shapes such as square, ball, diamond, bullet and cherry blossom are available. Try to use metal ice cube to save your time and don’t hesitate to purchase metal ice cube to enjoy your summer season.

Metal ice cubes


  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel
  • Shape: 5 existing shapes or custom for options
  • Custom logo: Laser Engraving is available
  • Contents: Each cube filled with 95% pure water and 5% food-grade ethanol
  • Packaging: 6 pieces a box with or without metal tweezers
  • Function: Chill drink with no dilution
  • Usage: Put in the freezer 3~4 hours before use
  • Well-rounded edge avoids scratching

5existing shapes for options

metal ice bullet
Steel ice cube

Key features

Product Metal ice cube
Material 304 Stainless Steel
Logo Laser Engraving
Printing no
Color Stainless Steel original color
Size Square shape: 27X27 mm

Sphere shape: 25.4mm diameter

Diamond shape: 30*27 mm

Bullet shape: 45*12mm

Petal shape: 30*25 mm

Custom shape

Mold charge For free (Except custom shape)
MOQ 40 sets (240pcs)/ per design (request custom logo)/ no custom logo no Q’ty limitation
Package To be advised
Delivery To be advised