Pewter Keychains

Pewter is an alloy mixture metal made primarily from tin with a small component of various Lead, antimony, bismuth, copper or silver. Depends on the percentage of tin and lead, the kinds of pewter are categorized to 6 different grades. The most valued material with softness pure tin #0 type to the least costly #6 type are available for custom design options.

It is made by spin casting, all the designs can be made easily, such as lapel pins, brooches, miniatures, belt buckles, costumed jewelry or paper weight.

Custom Pewter Keychains

Because of malleable nature, pewter is an excellent material to produce 3D cubic key chains that are cubic shaped or miniature-sized or with empty space within. Various colors and finishing can be as multiple choices and we can also we can also produce items with gem stones inlaid.