2D / 3D Keychain

Custom keychains can be made with a 2D or 3D design on one or both sides.

2D/3D keychain is the 3D cubic surfaces with 2D background.  2D and 3D are different feeling but you can get the same time. Perfect effects for using 3D on your design which includes nature scenes, people or animals. Three-dimensional coins have details that make your design look realistic.

Custom 2D / 3D Keychain

Double sides with design make your keychains more unique.

How Can We Identify 2D and 3D

We have video to show you what’s difference between 2D and 3D metal products.

Professional Gift Supplier

Our China factory has made millions of keychains and received countless compliments from customers. Contact us and we will provide you the best quality and best prices for your 2D/3D Custom keychains! Double sides keychain with design make your brand more unique.

We provide only the custom service and all the pictures are for customer to see the effect only. There are no open design and the stock of running item for customer to choose. After the products are chosen, please provide the SIZE/ COLORS / PICTURE / QUONTITY  OF YOUR LOGO to us then we can provide you some professional advice of the production and also quotations with competitive price.