standing lapel pins

Standing Lapel Pins

Our standing bear pin shows you that lapel pins are not just something cute you wear on the jacket or shirt.

This bear pin is our open design, so if you are interested in ordering, there is no molding cost needed.

The size of the bear pin is about 45mm tall and 38mm wide. What makes this pin special is that you can fold the bear feet, so when you are not wearing the pin, you can out it on the desk as a cute decoration.

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Custom Standing Lapel Pins

Custom standing lapel pins are widely used for a variety of purposes such as reinforcing branding with your clients, increasing levels of exposure, employee recognition, and service awards.

Soft Enamel vs. Imitation Hard Enamel

You can have the standing bear pins in soft enamel or imitation hard enamel, here are an illustration of the both.

Having cute decorations adds sparkles to your house and workplace, so get yourself some of our standing bear pin and spread the happiness!

custom metal bear pins

Soft Enamel Lapel Pin

imitation hard enamel pin

Imitation Hard Enamel Pin