Photo Etched Pins

Made from a thinner 0.8mm thick of brass/ iron/ bronze/ stainless steel and aluminum, plate that is suitable for etching, these offer the advantages of enamel colors with the affordability many budgets require and lighter than die struck soft enamel pins.

Photo etched soft enamel pins are a good choice for large sized designs or for pins with flashing lights inlaid, but can’t be made in 3D cubic effect because all the motifs are etched with chemical acid, and the depth is shallow.

Photo etched means a film will be prepared based on your design and it will be transferred onto a sheet of brass. Your design will be etched by acid chemical, and then it will be electroplated with brass and color-filling.

Preparing films

Transferring motifs from film onto the sheet of brass

Color filling

The benefits of photo etched pins

Photo etched lapel pins offer a similar look to Cloisonne lapel pins but are less expensive.

Lightweight lapel pins with clear details

PMS color matching available

Photo etched pins are very durable

Custom personalized design

Quick to send us your design and company logo, the item is the one that you must try!