Imitation Hard Enamel Pins

(Soft hard enamel pins)

Imitation hard enamel pin also called Eploa or hard enamel. The lapel pin process is similar to hard enamel lapel pins except that a special enamel is utilized to provide enamel colors instead of the Cloisonné.

Imitation Hard Enamel Pins

Imitation hard enamel pins are your great choice

Imitation enamel pins replaced the Cloisonné pins because of similarity to hard enamel material and with lower cost, faster delivery time and much more colors than hard enamel. Imitation enamel colors can be matched to Pantone Colors (PMS) in imitation enamel pins.

The difference from hard enamel to imitation hard enamel pins

Here we offer you an easy way to tell the difference from hard enamel to imitation hard enamel pins, just use a sharp-pointed knife to stab the color areas of pins, the knife point goes into colors, it is imitation hard enamel, then another one should be real hard enamel, you can feel the color area is as hard as rock when knife point can’t go into colors further.

Custom imitation hard enamel pins

Customers always praise our imitation hard enamel pins because they are brighter, shinier and more smoothly than other suppliers products. It is also the most favorite pins for Olympic mascots or big annual events.


Imitation hard enamel pins are die struck from copper/ bronze/ iron/ or die cast from zinc alloy, hand-filled with colored resin. The colors are baked at temperature of 160 degrees centigrade.


Special cases

  • If customers’ designs with a photo image or gradient colors, which solid color filling or silkscreen printing can not express exactly, we will use 4-color process printing to fulfill customers’ original designs.
  • With 12 advanced pad printing machines, we can make your lapel pins with the quality of imitation hard enamel as well as showing the photo images precisely.
  • Our sophisticated techniques trump the other competitors.

If customers’designs with fine lines or logos in specific colors, which are too small to be color filled, we will either suggest customer to change these tiny details to be metal or use silkscreen printing to complete the original designs. Changing these tiny details to be metal without unit price increase, however silkscreen printing with unit price increase and there will be printing set up fee per color.

Imitation hard enamel  V.S  Soft enamel pins

A common question we receive when a customer is interested in designing a metal pin is what’s the difference between imitation hard enamel and soft enamel pins. So let’s take a look their difference.

Soft enamel pin