Glow in the Dark Pins

Our glow in the dark enamel or as known as glowing lapel pin or luminous lapel pins are perfect for when you want your pins to stand out in the dark.

Applied this special inks on imitation hard enamel or soft enamel lapel pins, and exposure to the light, the areas with special ink will glow in the dark, however it appear in a standard color in normal light.

Also for your reference, glow in the dark colors will be visible only applied on a larger space, if applied on tiny areas or string lines, glittering colors might be dull.

Sample approval is recommended before bulk quantity commenced. This glow in the dark lapel pins allow your imagination to run creatively for eye-catching!

Custom glow in the dark pins

Custom lapel pins are widely used for a variety of purposes such as reinforcing branding with your clients, increasing levels of exposure, employee recognition, and service awards.