Glitter Enamel Pins

Add glitter to your pin design

This is soft enamel pins with glittery. Glitter is made of tiny little sequins. The glitter sparkles in even the faintest hint of light and adds an extra sparkle to your already shimmering design.

Professional custom

A mixture of colored glitter and paint enamel is added to the recessed areas of your pin and then coated with an epoxy to protect the glitter and add a brilliant shine.

Bring bling to your lapel pins

These special lapel pins take your design to the next level. Especially popular with the trading pin crowd, adding bling can heighten visibility, attractiveness, and value to your custom product.


  • Material: Brass, Iron, Stainless steel and Aluminum
  • Motifs: Die struck, Die cast, Printing, Etched
  • Colors: Imitation hard enamel, Soft Enamel
  • Glittering colors: We offer 107 stock colors for choosing
  • Note: Glittering colors should be applied on large spaces for the visibility
  • Epoxy cover is always recommend to applied for protect glitter powder stay firmly

Custom glitter enamel pins

This glittering lapel pins allow your imagination to run creatively for eye-catching!