Medals with short ribbon drape

Medals with short ribbon drape

Medal can be manufactured by hard enamel; imitation hard enamel; die struck soft enamel; photo etched soft enamel; die struck copper or brass without coloring; iron soft enamel; silkscreen printing or offset printing, and it also can be made by pewter or zinc alloy for fully cubic motifs or for the designs with many inner hole cutout.

Medals with short ribbon drape is one of the represent products which make Star Lapel Pin a leading metal manufacturers in this field.

Ribbon drape

Custom short ribbon is welcome and colors in solid-color or multi-color bright grosgrain is by request.

The common used attachments are ribbon drapes; neck ribbons or with loop and jump rings. For the ribbon drapes, there’s a safety pin back to attach to uniform, a ribbon bar and a ring to hold metal medals.

Ribbon drapes
Custom award medals
Marine corps medals

Custom medals with short ribbon drape

Custom sizes and shape are welcome

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