Acrylic medal

Metal framed acrylic medal

Impressive and innovative design of metal framed Acrylic medal is a quick and economical way for customers to make their designs or logos by silkscreen or offset CMYK printing on the transparent Acrylic pieces.

Acrylic medal is detachable

For traditional medals, they come in one piece, you cannot take them apart. But our Zinc Alloy Framed Acrylic Medals are detachable.

This could be your best solution for urgent orders because when you can detach them, you can print the acrylic piece by yourself.

Even though we can detach the medals easily, they are strongly attached to each other, they will not fall part easily because we have 4 strong magnets, 2 on each side, and we have two clips, so you can put them together and they will not fall apart easily.

Existing open design

We have two open designs for option. One with pattern on the frame, and another is plain frame.

metal frame
metal framed

Custom acrylic medal

We have manufacture and supply custom metal and medallions for over 30 years with latest technology and a superior quality and fast production lines.