Customized Medical Sport Elastic Tourniquet.

Used for constricting or compression. First Aid Quick Release Emergency Buckle Band.

elastic tourniquet

Personalized elastic tourniquet

The tourniquet is usually applied when the patient who is in a life-threatening status as a result of continuous bleeding. Elastic tourniquet is open designed medical tool which can be applied with one hand by the medical person himself. Due to the importance and easy usage, elastic tourniquet has become a first aid kit equipped by schools, company, households, cooperates or any associations holding outdoor activities.

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Elastic Tourniquet- Key Features

Product Elastic Tourniquet
Design Custom
Material Polyester elastic band with ABS release buckle
Size Custom (Standard: 2.5 x 45cm)
Logo Sewed with woven label / Silkscreen printing
Color Red, orange, yellow, green, purple and blue (stock color)
Fitting ABS buckle
MOQ 300 pcs per design

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